Home textile design eight styles

American style - symmetrical, exquisite and elegant The American style originated in the 17th century. It has experienced the baptism of the colonial period, the American federal period, and the American Empire. It combines the decorative styles of Baroque, Palladio, and British neo-classical-----!

Glass Art Market Still

Collectors buy glass at all costs. “Glass is everywhere in our daily lives, and people have neglected its value.” The owner of the antique city of Guangzhou, Chen, purchased a glass of blue glass several thousand dollars a few years ago. The above text is related to Guangya Col-----!

"ABLE JEANS-MTV VJ Hunting" Summit Competitio…

On November 22, the crowds of young influxes, the star-studded area of ​​Beijing's 798 Art District, surged. After three months of intense PK, "ABLE JEANS-MTV VJ hunting" finals began in the hope of everyone. On November 22, the crowds of young influxes, the star-studde-----!