Zhao Zhongxiang is rare to wear a fake bald photo

I have to say that Zhao Zhongxiang is 70 years old, active in the entertainment circle, and his reputation and popularity are rising day by day, perfecting the second spring of his career. Compared with the 60-year-old old people who are staying at home and getting into Alzheimer's, Zhao Zhongxiang's life is more meaningful. Although his entertainment has been far from his senior age, he has also deviated from the serious art he has always maintained, but he still has It has brought so many topics to people, enriching people's entertainment life. His achievements have made many celebrities with his contemporaries deterred. From this perspective, Zhao Zhongxiang's actions are extremely great in an aging society. The paradigm of meaning.

Teacher Zhao Zhongxiang is old, so he wears a wig for the sake of beauty, for the audience, and for entertainment. It is reported that Teacher Zhao's wig is not a general wig. It is made of high-quality 100% real hair, imported intranet, very good ventilation and hand-weaving. A custom-made wig has tens of thousands of pieces, which is enough to be fake. Zhao Zhongxiang wearing a wig is not surprising, because in CCTV, some male anchors who are much younger than him are wearing wigs.

But Zhao Zhongxiang did not want others to discover that he was wearing a wig. I remember once, a reporter once quietly revealed that Zhao Zhongxiang wore a wig, and was stunned by Zhao Zhongxiang. Teacher Zhao is jealous of others talking about his wig, just as he is afraid of asking others to join the Oriental TV for the annual salary. Wigs and annual salary are personal matters, and it is reasonable for Teacher Zhao to refuse to answer such questions. In the end, can you understand this, because the wig has simulation and breathability, which makes Zhao Zhongxiang think still agile. From this perspective, Zhao Zhongxiang succeeded in opening up the second entertainment battlefield and has an inseparable relationship with his super high-end wig.

Zhao Zhongxiang always shows people with wigs

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