May the weather is getting warmer and greener everywhere, fast taking advantage of the beautiful spring now! Do not blink of an eye to the summer, when the toxic heat of the sun shed no such feeling of comfort and warmth.



Maybe a lot of people like me know Xiamen because Gulangyu. From Xiamen you can take a ferry to Gulangyu, but 5-minute voyage has reached the other side. Gulangyu Island is a car-free island, in fact, do not need any car to step on the train is the best way to travel. Island intact preserved many buildings with different styles of Chinese and foreign, "World Architecture Expo" in the world. Appears in other countries, Romanesque, Gothic, British, German-style buildings in this seems particularly delicate and unique. If you desire to record the beauty of the camera, will be a big headache, because everywhere you can feel the beauty is endless. Do not find a small hotel stay a few days, will make you endless regret.

The other side of Gulangyu is bustling Zhongshan Road, which is almost as old as Beijing's Wangfujing Street, a commercial street. On both sides of the street is the ancient vicissitudes of the arcades, which is the combination of continental architecture and Southeast Asia formed an architectural form. Large and small shops have become noisy since the morning, when the climax of the voices, which is an irreplaceable testimony to its commercial status. From some mottled appearance into the interior of the mall, all kinds of modern goods is very complete, the new and old differences and contrast is very clear, it seems that all the time reminding you: Please do not forget, this is a street with years of accumulation.

Xiamen teahouse and bars are many, quiet and noisy conflict do not, complement each other. The bones of tea drinkers are full of leisurely effort, one person alone drink, two pairs of drinks, sitting in groups, beautiful. And people like clubbing more lively, they in groups of three, joking, slapstick, covered with youth invincible domineering. This is Xiamen, no matter how happy you want, always find the right place for you.

Recommended reason: If you see this article just have a leisurely mood and lazy feelings, then I believe to recommend you Xiamen will get your strong approval. Xiamen This is a city of leisure and scattered, whether it is clear when the sunrise east, or the dim shadow of the night swaying, Xiamen all the time does not bloom its charm and essence.

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