The overall price of China's indigenous color gemstones is still in the first half of 2012. Coloured gemstones continue to be buoyed in international auctions. Comparing the colored gemstone products on the international auction market, the colorful gemstones of native products in Mainland China are rich in species and the prices are relatively low. The Luodian jade in Guizhou, the ruby ​​in Yunnan, and other rare people are interested, and there is still a valuable place to tap. With the development of extractive industries, various emerging Baoyu mines have emerged. Among them, there may be the next Huang Longyu.

With the development of extractive industries, various emerging Baoyu mines have emerged. Among them, there may be the next Huang Longyu.

Ruby: The price is still relatively low compared to the international market. If measured by the value of colored gemstones, the ruby ​​produced in Yunnan should be the leader in Chinese colored gemstones. However, the reporter found in Ruili’s ruby ​​market that the prices of ruby ​​raw material stones and semi-finished products were not in line with the world, and most of them were thousands of yuan, and finished products also had less than 10,000 yuan in goods. In Guangdong, rubies were sold for 10,000 yuan. ~ 3 million yuan / carat. Xiang Xianyi of Guangdi Jewelry believes that in terms of price and awareness, Yunnan has the greatest potential for appreciation. However, compared to ruby ​​in Sri Lanka and other places, the texture of Chinese indigenous ruby ​​is indeed not high. In Ruili’s gemstone market, the rarest color is that of “pigeon blood”, and most of them are dark red.

Tourmaline: After the skyrocketing prices, the appreciation of space is small. What is the fastest price rise in the Chinese market in 2011? The answer is not an emerald but an unrecognized tourmaline.

In Xinjiang, there are still a large number of tourmaline mines. The advantage of Xinjiang tourmaline lies in its rich variety of colors and excellent visual effects. However, the status of the tourmaline's gem has still been debated. It is generally believed that the so-called gem hardness is higher and the Moses hardness should be above 7.5. The tourmaline's hardness is only 7.5, some industry experts believe that tourmaline can only belong to rare semi-precious stones, rather than precious stones.

Moreover, after years of price increases, the prices of tourmaline have hit record highs. The current high-grade texture of tourmaline is between 1,200 and 2,000 yuan per carat (0.2 grams). The space for continued price increases is limited, and it is unlikely that we will follow in the footsteps of Huang Longyu.

Aquamarine: Relatively low prices still have room for appreciation. In addition to Hetian jade and tourmaline, Xinjiang also produces aquamarine. The aquamarine presents a bright navy blue. Its shape and color are similar to those of a blue diamond. The blue diamond is a top price product in the diamond family. Compared with tourmaline, the price of aquamarine is still relatively low, and the price of a higher grade product is only 400-600 yuan per carat, which is only half the tourmaline price.

Zhang Shibo, who is attached to Golden Diamond, believes that in the current color gems in China, the aquamarine collection has a higher cost performance and a larger appreciation space. However, compared with the hot Huanglong Yu, the disadvantage of Aquamarine is that it has a low hardness and is not enough for the level of precious stones. In addition, the amount of mineral resources is limited and not concentrated, and it is difficult to become the target of institutional investment.

Luodian Jade: There are features in appearance, and there is potential for appreciation. Since 2009, the Luodian jade mining and excavation industry in Yunnan, Guizhou, and other places has gradually taken shape. The jade species are white and dust-free, similar in color to Xinjiang Hetian jade (the composition is exactly the same as Hetian jade). However, in terms of texture, Luodian jade is more similar to white porcelain, and is far more similar to **, lacking the warm texture of Hetian jade, and the halo is not soft enough. After 2010, the price of Luodianyu rose sharply. The raw material stone was as high as 1,500 yuan per kilogram, but the retail price of the finished product was always relatively low.

In addition, China also produces semi-precious stones such as garnets and olivines. Garnets are more in the world and do not belong to scarce gemstones. Although peridot has a beautiful appearance, it has rich geological reserves and little potential for appreciation. In addition, the heterogeneous rock in Yunnan, topaz in Guangdong, and tremolite in Sichuan all have high ornamental value.

Experts say that newly exploited species may replicate Huang Longyu's "myth"

The general manager of Colorful Yunnan’s Yang Peng said in an interview with reporters: Unlike the diamond and jade markets, China’s colored gemstone market is in an enlightenment stage. The price of most stone species is still not in line with the international market, and it is in a relatively “depressed” place. , it is worth collectors attention.

The core value of colored gemstones lies in the colorfulness and richness of viewing. It is in line with fashion trends. Therefore, collectors should also choose color gemstones from this starting point. Some gemstones are notoriously scarce, but their ornamental value is not high. It's a big discount. Of course, resource scarcity is also an important factor in measuring the value of colored gemstones. From this point of view, Chinese indigenous rubies and aquamarines will have more potential for appreciation than olivines.

As for which kind of gems can copy Huanglong jade "myth"? According to the law of the market, it should be the newly exploited ore variety. After the “famous names” of the national geological institutes, it is possible to stage the myth of skyrocketing growth. The market for the tourmaline and aquamarine has already taken shape, and it has no potential for skyrocketing growth. At present, new gem varieties are being excavated in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River and around Yunguichuan. Collectors may wish to pay attention.


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