In 1462, the famous Florent III, the Prince of Dracula, the capital of Transylvania, the Romanian Duchy, abandoned the glory of God by the tragic death of his beloved Princess Elizabeth, vowed to be honored, Unlimited power, boundless magic, but also by the devil curse, become immortal body, all-day and darkness, blood companion, won the number of bloodthirsty king Dracula, since then, set off a world of 400 years Bloodthirsty legend. And all because of the infinite love of Lady Dracula to the lover Elizabeth. A continuation of love and eternal brand --- COUNTDRACULA. Dracula apparel accurate grasp of today's new generation of major consumer groups, "80,90 after" more popular fashion trends, the more emphasis on the choice of apparel brand features, style, uphold the simplicity of interpretation of the elegant temperament, interpretation of the personality Low-key fashion, and strive to create men in the "East CHANEL (Chanel)"; in quality, with needlework to ensure that luxury, with details to highlight the taste; in product prices, insist on "let consumers use domestic prices to consume International Brand of products. " Grasp their consumer needs, understand their spending power, to create their own oriental fashion men's image.

Our Goblets And Chalices glasses are lead-free, safe and healthy for your drinking, they're used for wine, brandy, cocktail, whisky, champagne, and juice. Such as Glass Goblet.
We have thousands of diffrent molds for your selection, we also could  customize Glass Drinkwares according to your design, and we could do diffrent effects including solid color, spraying color, electroplating, ion-plating, logo engraving and printing, liquid luster and hand-drawing.

Goblets And Chalices

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