On the night of the full moon, we seem to usher in the warmth of the spring and the warmth of the winter. Along with the gentle wind of the night, the moonlight of the golden porcelain kissed our face and explained to us the closest words from all corners of the globe. :
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Mr. Wu Shaoyong, Guangzhou Feixun Trading Co., Ltd. wishes:
Dear partner families, thank you for your years of cooperation and cooperation. Your hard work has contributed to the glory of today, and we are even better because of your presence! On this good day for the Mid-Autumn Reunion, I would like to offer my sincerest blessings and sincerely wish you and your family: family happiness, physical well-being, family reunion!

Mr. Fan Jingtong, a fashion fisher, wishes to wish:
Brilliant you, gorgeous me, "Fish" I gathered together in the happy festival, a beautiful life moistens you! Thank you for your time with the children's clothing. When the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion, the fashion fish wish everyone dear little fish family: "Round" is full of money, and "round" is good. May you like to reunite, Take a good reunion with the full moon, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Guangzhou Fuxun Trade Co., Ltd. Human Resources Center wishes to:
Fish swim, bright moon, happy reunion, "fish" I talk about the story of Sheng Yue, put on a new fish to add more festive festivity, exciting even more fun! On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the fashion fish wish you all the friends of Xiaoyu: Homeland, Yuanyuan, Yuanyuan, Happy Dreams, Full Moon, Health, Peace, Happiness, and Happiness will always accompany you. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Guangzhou Fuxun Trading Co., Ltd. financial center blessed:
Flowers in the water, fish and I have fun, the "circle" of friendship, in the middle of the water! "Fish" I spend the festive season, and the children's clothing is more fun. Dear partners, fashion fish here to send you a Mid-Autumn round of blessings, I wish you dear, you are happy, happy, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Guangzhou Fuxun Trade Co., Ltd. Production Management Center blessed:
On this hearty day, the fashionable fish children’s clothing will send a “fish” to the public for their blessings, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of another mood, wishing that the business will flourish as the motherland’s GDP, and that life will be like honey and the wealth will be overwhelming. Happy life is long, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Fashion fish Fashion children's wear brand First Affiliate Phone 4000330063
The sun warms the earth, and moonlight shines on the stars, whispering words with a sincere heart, summer and autumn, years and weeks, and fate, so that we bear in mind together, and thus strengthen our belief in each other. This many wonderful memories, turned into a sublime friendship, not only fermented in these blessings, but also fermented in the shuttle of the years, fermented in the warm feelings of summer and autumn, flashy and hard-heartedly branded a hard one Forgetful traces of elegance.
Fashion fish Fashion children's wear brand First Affiliate Phone 4000330063


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