In 1995 Kabuyi founded in Milan, Italy, to create the most fashionable Milan, Italy, the new concept of the road, specifically for the fashion to provide a high-profile shops of goods. Sexy is not vulgar, fashion is not alone and proud, avant-garde and leisure, neat and easy, bold trend-setting is the rare combination of classic and modern. Regardless of cutting, fabric, color and silhouette, are realistic KABUYI 's fashion wisdom, showing the most in the new concept of life. Since entering the country in 2011, another element such as "Flamingo, Fruit, Underwater World, Leopard, Snake, Stripe, Lattice" has created a colorful and colorful world through fashion art, Free, true and willing to explore the originality of women, creating a new way of clothing.

Cotton Eyelet Embroidery Fabric is very popaular in summer.It always be made for dresses.And it can ne one col or two tone.And can be dyed in any col as you like.

Cotton Eyelet Embroidery Fabric

We always shipp them to American.European and Turkey etc.It's really popular in the market.

Cotton Eyelet Embroidery Fabrics

The handfelling is very soft and dyestuff is safe.

Cotton Eyelet Embroidery Fabric

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