Glass Art Market Still Collectors buy glass at all costs. “Glass is everywhere in our daily lives, and people have neglected its value.” The owner of the antique city of Guangzhou, Chen, purchased a glass of blue glass several thousand dollars a few years ago. The above text is related to Guangya College. Over the years, buyers who have been aware of the goods are willing to pay a high price of several hundred thousand yuan to purchase. He knows its value and has been reluctant to sell it. Recently, experts have asked him to assist in the purchase of glass-like glass around the world. Mr. Chen believes that this expert is very knowledgeable: "For me, the artistic quality of the lacquer glass is higher than that of calligraphy and painting."

"A lot of people think that glass is cheap. That's because they are too outdated." Mr. Wu, a Guangzhou expert, recently looked for goods in the Hong Kong market. A Manchu window with a portrait size of only 60 x 60cm, but the asking price has reached 10 Ten thousand yuan, "Some figures are colored with glass, and one set also costs about one million yuan." He saw a 3 square-foot glass painting on the Hong Kong market. The seller priced at 1.2 million yuan, and he paid 800,000 yuan. The seller did not make concessions. Mr. Wu said: “The trapping glass painting is a collectible, and it is used for a dozen lights at home. It is much better than paintings and porcelain paintings. The glass paintings on the market are ordinary, and the quality is very beautiful, exceeding you. Imagination."

Market: Ancient material ** pot is the most favored The contemporary glass art is imported. At present, there is a specialized discipline and mature market for glass art in the western market. In the field of traditional Chinese art, glass is mainly found in several forms. One is glass, such as the beads and vials of the Han Dynasty; the other is a feeder, which mainly appears in the Qing Dynasty; one is cased glass and used in many cases. Painted on Manchurian windows and plate glass. In fact, glass and glassware are not exactly the same as modern glass, just the same material. Different from contemporary glass art, Chinese glass art is mainly carved. The difficulty of the technique of trapping glass lies in the erosion of various patterns.

Can be found in the art auction market, shoot high-priced glass is mainly a variety of materials in the Qing dynasty, including the fetal paintings and material tires ** pot. In ancient glass auction sales records in recent years, it is found that the top 30 of the transaction price are almost all of them. For example, on December 12th, 2005 in Beijing Bohai, a 3.5 million yuan deal was made for the Qing Qianlong Long-made kiln, and in 2008, New York City's New York City's US$ 422,500 traded between 1736 and 1780. Gourd-shaped pot, on March 30, 2005, New York City, Christie's shot 288,800 U.S. dollars.

The color-coded glass (some people call it “glass painting”) entered the Chinese market from the West during the Yongzheng period, and was mainly used as the mansion window of the northern bureaucracy. Guangzhou still retains part of the Manchurian window. "The plate glass can be called 'trace etched plate glass', which is the most important two processes, one is color registration, and the other is etching. The price of plate glass with different colors and patterns varies greatly."

Zeng Boqiang, head of Guangzhou's cultural relics store, explained that the red and blue sets are more common, while the green and yellow sets are relatively rare and the prices are different. Another example is the use of glass to show the shade of cloud changes, the skill required is very high, of course, the price is relatively high, figure painting is also a higher price in the glass plate. Last year, Guangzhou’s cultural relics headquarters purchased several pieces of plate glass from a collector’s hand. The best item was valued at RMB 500,000.

The expert Li Nianci often saw this type of colored glass in the streets of Guangzhou in the 1990s, but the price was only a few tens of dollars. In recent years, collectors are willing to bid for the acquisition, but it is difficult to cobble together a complete set of stained glass, and can only buy some spare parts as an independent piece to collect and display.

Question 1: Glass is not artwork?

Beijing Chao Shi porcelain miscellaneous manager Kong Chao believes that the material is sold to the "court added value": "The material fetal painting is the most advanced, more expensive than the porcelain tire. But I think the reason is not expensive because of the glass But it's the imprint of the court. The high price of the tires is not because of the feeders, or because it is strong in craftsmanship, it is also selling culture and time.” For glassware and casing glass, he thinks that although it has a strong Rareness is a wonderful artist, but it was not a popular craft at the time. It was not something that the general public could accept and bear. Therefore, since entering China, it has determined that it cannot be used as a large-scale collection. On the other hand, it is too replicable. The current process technology is much better than before, and the products are much better than before. Therefore, by contrast, he does not think that glassware other than glass and glassware can be called an artwork.

"The market does not have enough glass to discover this view." Zeng Boqiang believes that glassware is both a craft and an artwork. Only plate glass is more decorative and practical. Li Nianci agrees with this view: "Manchurian windows are unique to China. Foreign countries only have solid-colored glass, and we have applied craftsmanship on them. Of course, it is an artwork. Because there are few, I think it can be a luxury."

"Isn't the artisan inferior to the artist?" Zeng Boqiang raised the question. "When you see these exquisitely stained glass paintings, you will lament what the hell is like. The authors are indeed artisans, but the work they do may not even be possible for artists. ”

There are also views in the industry that many modern glass products are actually molded from cast molds and have reproducibility, while traditional materials have no bottom tires, production depends entirely on human experience and craftsmanship, and they are improvised in the flames of torches. Oneness makes it more valuable.

Question 2: Glass art is not worth collecting?

Although the fetal ** pot is sought after by collectors, there is a rare special auction for ancient glass. The trapping glass market has risen, but it is difficult to see a glimpse of the auction market. Kong Chao believes that this is for a reason: "The color of the trapping glass is really difficult to burn, but it cannot enter the collection level. It is only the collector's personal interests and hobbies. It is similar to a telephone card. Although many people also collect it, these things cannot enter the auction. Market, because of its value has not been widely recognized.” For example, he said that there was a wood carving "fans", has collected thousands of Huizhou, Zhejiang school of wooden building components, want to shoot, Kong Chao think These components could not be photographed: "Because more folk customs and personal preferences are different from the wood carvings we see in the market. But some people can't understand them."

"Perhaps one day, these 10 million yuan purchases of components can be sold for 20 million yuan, but this can only prove that the same people are willing to accept the disk, does not mean that this value has gained market recognition. Ancient calligraphy and painting, Guanyao porcelain with this complete It's not the same thing, because their value and price have already been recognized by the overall market.” He suggested that collectors should find out their purpose. If it is only a simple collection, it can be as long as you like; if it is investment, or both With the two purposes of value, we must seriously consider this issue.

In Zeng Boqiang's opinion, this is only because there are few glassware and it is difficult to hype. It is very difficult for collectors to collect good things. As a result, many people do not understand glass art: "Whoever has the chance to see the top things? The collectors suspect that the high price of porcelain is not true. The problem is that you have seen 1 million yuan, 10 million yuan of porcelain yet? Have seen the real thing has the right to speak."

Question 3: Glass is inferior to porcelain?

Kong Chao thinks that glass itself is worthless: "It can be said that the category itself does not have the 'core competitiveness' of the collection. The porcelain has Chinese culture inherited, so it can have such a large collection base and universally recognized value."

Zeng Boqiang held different views: “The cost of glassware production is far higher than that of porcelain, so it is difficult to popularize. But in ancient times, glass was already a luxury product, not a real thing.” At that time, porcelain was extremely common and had both “high-end” The rare and precious objects of the royal family, as well as the ordinary supplies that the common people can also afford, "The porcelain manufacturing process is mature, convenient, and relatively low cost. Glass is used in text rooms, furnishings, and few practical utensils."

Zhuang Xiaowei, a glass artist, once put forward a practical experience on the material of glass in an interview: “The craft and value of glass material is higher than that of ordinary porcelain. The material itself is also very beautiful and has infinite possibilities. It can be stretched, can be blown, and can be transparent. , It can be opaque, the shape can be arbitrary, the color can be ever-changing." For the collection he has a wonderful expression: "heavy material, light craft is the characteristics of modern and contemporary jade collection, but also a collector of domestic collectors in a standard, but Overemphasizing material is an immature idea, and collections are indeed related to materials, but over-pursuit of materials is a waste of time.The most important criterion for collecting a piece of art is to measure its artistic value, such as who created it, and whether the work itself is good or not. Well, the collection's focus should be 'intangible assets'.

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