I believe we all know the "goddess of the new clothes," the show, from the beginning when we feel that every piece of clothing is so a sense of design, and Ye Xuan's clothing is based on black, the formal 90 after the youngest design Teacher Wen Haotian designed out, the idea of ​​the 90's is to be cool, the first quarter of Ye Xuan black long trench coat coupled with jumpsuit appearance, stunning, and today OuView - Ou Wei women also match with the goddess New clothes, long trench coat style with.


Although the age here, we are not 90, but the design here, we can in accordance with the design concept after 90, to create the trend of wear, long trench coat style, gray and fuchsia with built-in black shirt and black Pants, snaps and coats all show off.

《女神的新衣》第一季叶璇黑色风衣款式 长款风衣外套搭配

Long trench coat is not everyone can hold live, this gray and dark green stitching color to take a white shirt with black leather skirt, coupled with capable professional hairstyle, absolutely aura Oh.

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