American style - symmetrical, exquisite and elegant

The American style originated in the 17th century. It has experienced the baptism of the colonial period, the American federal period, and the American Empire. It combines the decorative styles of Baroque, Palladio, and British neo-classical, forming the characteristics of symmetry, exquisiteness, elegance, and beauty.

The American style uses gold eagle, crossed swords, stars, wheat ears, and festoons. It has a unique charm in the decoration of tin-lead alloy candlesticks, geometric pattern carpets, and carved lace cabinets.

New Chinese style - simple and elegant

The new Chinese style was born in the new era of the renaissance of Chinese traditional culture. With the strengthening of national strength and the gradual recovery of national consciousness, people began to sort out the clues from the chaotic “imitation” and “copy”. At the beginning of exploring the local consciousness of the Chinese design community, the mature new generation design team and the consumer market gave birth to a subtle and beautiful Chinese style. In the modern era where Chinese culture is popular all over the world, the Chinese elements and the modern materials are ingenious and soft. The furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the window sills and the fabric bedding reflect each other and reproduce the subtle pieces of the moving landscape.

Neo-classical style - low-key luxury, retro smooth

Neo-classical style originated in the mid-18th century, rooted in rationalism, abandoning the over-preparation in the Baroque and Rococo styles, and seeking the return of a purely noble style that was almost lost. The sense of design is achieved through the Greek-style compact structure, inheriting the romantic color. The neo-classical style is decorated with bronze, veneer, leaf, rose, and human face. It also brings furniture and stone carvings into the interior furnishings and decoration. The operation of the lacquered whitewashing and marble makes the interior decoration more stressful on the material and the integrity of the space.

Southeast Asian style - sexy mystery, smart jumping

The Southeast Asian style design gradually blends Western modern concepts with Asian traditional culture. Through the combination of different materials and tones, it retains its own characteristics and produces richer changes. Southeast Asian style is mainly expressed in two orientations, one is dark with Chinese style, the other is light-colored with western influence, expressing warm and subtle hints, charming in mystery, gentle and passionate. The highest state of harmony.

European classical style - classical luxury, long history

The European classical style has a long history. It has been inspired by the Roman Empire, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Palladianism since the 6th century Byzantine Empire. The classic radiance. European classical style introduces architectural elements. Under the shadow of the walls, Roman columns and carvings, the European classical styles such as leafy grass, spiral pattern, sunflower pattern and arc are lightly adjusted in the delicate furnishings. Palace-like luxury.

Modern style - simple atmosphere, fashion innovation

Modern style originated from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. With the rapid development of modern cities, a new revolution in design has emerged. This revolution is a complete modern design movement, starting from architectural design and affecting urban planning and design, environmental design, furniture design, industrial product design, and graphic design. The modern style has a typical character with a very typical and distinct personality. The bold use of reinforced concrete, flat glass and steel, simple geometric and linear elements, make the art and practical functions highly integrated.

Mediterranean style - wide sky, quiet and simple

The Mediterranean style originated in the 9th-11th century, especially the simple residential houses along the northern coast of the European Mediterranean, especially in the coastal areas of southern Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. The Mediterranean style is often loved by a combination of soft tones and atmosphere. Coloured tiles, cast iron handles, thick wood doors and windows, and an Arabian-style pool create an ocean of affinities.

Chinese and Western mix and match style - deconstructing Chinese and Western, creative match

The Chinese-Western mix and match style is an emerging decorative style that blends the essence of Eastern and Western aesthetics. Different combinations can always create new vitality and dynamics. The designer's design concepts and materials combine international modernism with traditional Chinese aesthetics to create a personalized personal world through the use of spatial forms and materials. The Chinese-Western mix and match style will be subtly combined with Chinese and Western cultural characteristics, and a new popular retro style will be blown in.

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