Today, many visionary investors have started underwear market, special emphasis on functional underwear brand in recent years, these investors in the choice of brand is how to make a decision? In the choice of brand to do those visits? Is the choice of love, Triumph, Sissi , Mani Fen these well-known brand to join the chain? Or what second line the following brand is good?


Choose the right brand headquarters

Brand underwear franchisee investment, should be fully and carefully understand the company's operating conditions, follow-up services, in addition, we must carefully consider the terms of the contract in order to select a good brand.

Good brand of the members of the request is very high, investors must go through a lot of strict procedures before being approved. In addition, in countries where the chain operation is performed well, the operation of chain operations is regulated through legislation to prevent the inexperienced franchisees from being cheated. However, in the absence of relevant laws, the possibility of encroachment of franchisee's rights has greatly increased. Many self-proclaimed "experienced, extraordinary performance" of the chain, seemingly powerful, but if you look carefully, it is likely to find that they are outside the real virtual, what is more, do not have the qualifications of the chain.

Love in China, Sissi, Triumph on the franchisee has strict requirements, not just can join.

Look at the strength of the selected underwear brand

If the underwear chain franchise planning that the management of large brands, the possibility of greater benefit, the risk is relatively small; but the threshold is higher, the supply discount high, return policy harsh, you need to be backed by a strong financial strength . If you are not strong enough and you can not get the right to speak of equality, you will be at a disadvantage.

To join a brand must consider the brand strength, a brand must have a strong back-end support, so investors can be more assured.

Whether the selected chain brand promising.

Underwear franchisees must understand the brand's business ideas, the business whether there is a professional marketing team. Some companies just think that make a good brand of money, try to try holding the psychological brand, and there is no long-term goal. The industry had such a joke: a brand in Guangdong in a number of magazines in a big way for a few months to create advertising brand, a few months and found no return to the previous state of the wholesale, the result is the expense of a A large number of agents.

Identify the best-selling underwear brand products market

Finally, if the underwear affiliate chain planning that, pay attention to the selected brand product features are in line with your area, the physical characteristics of consumers and preferences habits. A lot of brand underwear products sold well in the south, in the northern market is not necessarily an advantage, large differences in body size between northern and southern China.

Choose a brand must consider the future development of the brand, this relationship between the future profitability, consider the market is also very important, according to their own region to choose the brand.

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