Hetian jade has a history of thousands of years in China, and it can be said to be one of the household jade species. Its ornamental value and collection value are superior to those of similar products. However, as the market continues to evolve and change, some counterfeit and shoddy products have surfaced. How to identify Hetian jade has become a major problem that needs to be solved now. Today, Xiaobian will tell you several methods.

How to identify Hetian jade

First, let's introduce some common counterfeits that pretend to be Hetian jade:

1. Marble This jade color is mainly white, the gloss is waxy, and the internal structure is waterline and stripe.

2. Water stone The main component of jade is quartzite, which has high hardness, but is brittle and easy to break. The internal structure is a cryptocrystalline structure. The color is pale and the gloss looks dry. Chinese jade network

3. Yuyu It is produced in Liaoyuan County, Liaoning Province, and is another jade in China. The production of jade jade is large, the hardness is low, and it is easy to break. It is second only to Hetian jade in value. Its internal structure is cloud-like and contains 90% of structured water. It is mainly green, and the luster is waxy and lustrous. It is mainly used to pretend to be Tianqing white jade.

4. Emulsified glass This is a pure counterfeit product, which is artificially modeled by Hetian jade with glass. It has no obvious structure and can be seen with a small amount of air bubbles inside.

Secondly, introduce the method of the identification of the characteristics of Hetian jade:

One color. The color of Hetian jade is based on white and cyan, and the color tone is relatively uniform. White white jade, especially sheep fat white jade, is unique to Hetian jade. Daiyu and Nanyang jade also have white, but there is no Hetian jade color, and some also have green and other impurities. The blue sapphire is sometimes confused with the green jasper and jade, etc. It is necessary to grasp the characteristics of cyan, which is between blue and green. Hetian jade jade has a leather color, and the leather color tone is mostly brown, limited to local.

Second texture. Hetian jade texture is dense and delicate, moist and soft, with oily luster, giving people a sense of softness, white jade is especially obvious. Other jade also has a fine texture, but the moisture and grease luster are not as good as Hetian jade.

Three impurities. Hetian jade is pure and has few impurities. Impurities are commonly found in iron and graphite. The impurities are mostly distributed at the cracks and are brown or brownish black, which is discernible to the naked eye. Graphite is black and distributed in the ink jade.

Four hardness. Hetian jade hardness is 6.5-6.9, with steel knife can not be imprinted, jade with similar hardness has jade, Nanyang jade, chalcedony and so on. The jadeite hardness is 6.5-7.0, the Nanyang jade hardness is 6.0-7.5, and the chalcedony is 6.5-7, which can be distinguished by other features. In the visual identification, the above characteristics should be considered comprehensively. It is not only necessary to look at one point. It is best to compare it with Hetian jade specimens repeatedly. Experience in visual identification is critical, so it should be identified by a jade expert whenever possible.

There are many ways to identify Hetian jade. Today, Xiaobian simply tells you the above methods, I hope to help you!

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