September 5, 2014, tunetune women's Southwest Newly established brand outlets, will be in Chengdu CapitaMallCity Charm City grand opening, the shop is tune tune women into the Chengdu market, the second direct sales store.


In September, Tune Tune Womenswear will continue to promote the theme of "Time Traveler's Box" in the fall, while the direct shop window design echoes the autumn theme and create a pandora-style visual effect. At the same time, the second wave of fall new "Royal Princess" series also on the new round this month, the new vintage style of clothing will give consumers a different dress experience.

预祝tune tune女装成都魅力城凯德广场店盛大开业

In 2014, the tune tune brand will rapidly roll out the national offline market and set up five sales districts centered on Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chengdu, and will successively enter Wangfujing Department Store, Wanda Plaza, CapitaLand Plaza 66 , Galaxy COCO Park, Maoyebaihuo and other well-known commercial retail system, quickly completed the national market outlets coverage.

预祝tune tune女装成都魅力城凯德广场店盛大开业

tune tune2014 Fall new "Royal Princess" series dress

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