Gender: Female Age: 30 Experience: 2 years Join time: 2010.5-26 Shop area: 30 square meters Investment amount: 80,000 yuan

Address: Huaian City, Jiangsu Province Rent: 2500 yuan / month

After graduating from college, I have been working in Shanghai. The pressure of living in metropolitan cities can not be overstated. Due to the accumulation of funds for many years of work, I chose to go back to my hometown to start a business. I always like small trinkets, so I chose to join a famous headdress brand when I chose the project. Since I did not do business, I did not think about the importance of the location when I chose the site. After opening Shop flow is very small, and the first flower headdress is easy to be bad, particularly high rate of defective, want to make money is very difficult, six months later I am ready to close the door.


Students give me advice that her home downstairs there is a Iraqi beauty underwear shop, business is good, I hope I changed to underwear shop, due to the first failure of entrepreneurship, so I did a very careful market research, but also a lot more Underwear brand , my shop is near the farms, aunt to buy food more, but spending power is not high, finally I still think Iraq's beauty underwear rich products, the price is not high, the product quality is good, more suitable for me, after signing the Iraqi beauty Underwear sent to assist me in decoration, training, planning opening activities, opened in less than a week, before opening the company printed a promotional card to me, to neighborhood neighborhood committees require the distribution of free leaflets, activities: three days before the opening Field 50% off, the elderly over the age of 60 to shop, no shopping, with a free card can be presented modal underwear a, this activity is very successful, opening three days before the turnover of 12,000 yuan, 200 free underwear , which is my dream Have never thought of things, but also let me enjoy the fun to do public welfare, but also enhance the visibility of the store, opened near the shop after buying food Aunt just passing shops like to come in and talk to me to see like the product, will give the family to buy, but also to persuade family members, friends, neighbors to shop, this is the power of word of mouth, and now I have opened three US Iraq Underwear shop, I hope the future better and better, I hope my experience can help to start a business person.

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