With the approach of the Mid-Autumn Festival, people began to prepare for a new round of "gift" preparations. Although the current environment has brought unprecedented pressure on luxury consumption, after all, there is no "ritual" in Chinese life. As the saying goes, "It is difficult to walk around the world with rudeness, and it is difficult to walk rudely." If you want to open the situation in complex interpersonal relationships, you still need to use more brains.

Sending health products, sending special products, sending high-end moon cakes, sending expensive cigarettes, and sending mobile phones to famous watches have been very dull. Although they are used in a lot of money, the effect is average. So, what is good for the Mid-Autumn Festival gift?

In the long history of China, there has been a lot of things that have been loved by people, going to the royal family and descending to the civilian population. Everyone hopes to have it. What is it? jade!

The charm of the jade lies in its cultural characteristics, not the price mark. A piece of high-end jade worth millions of dollars should be worth more than 100 yuan worth of food in foreigners' eyes. In the same way, the high-end red wine that foreigners like most is worth more than an ordinary jade in the eyes of most Chinese people. The strength of Western culture, although the values ​​of many Chinese people are more and more like them, but the depths of the heart, the subconscious of Chinese culture is still very powerful.

At present, among the jade articles circulating as commodities, jadeite has the largest volume, the widest coverage and the highest acceptance rate. Because of its universality, it has also become a popular gift in the gift market.

Jade, if it is used as a gift to customers and relatives, it will often buy a larger amount, and the quality and packaging requirements are higher. If we go directly from the physical store, it is easy to buy because we don’t understand the market. To the jade with a very good price/performance ratio, if the recipient is to understand the jade, it will greatly reduce the effect of the gift, and even counterproductive. More importantly, the price of jade in general stores is often very high. Although a large number of purchases can be discounted, the cost of the purchase is absolutely high.

There are also consumers who want to reduce costs through online shopping, but because they can't face the business directly, and the rumors about fakes on the Internet are always in the ascendant, many consumers really have no bottom, which is also reasonable. Therefore, if you want to buy a more cost-effective jade through online shopping, then it is best to look for a large-scale, natural A-car jade certificate, and affordable jade merchants, a lot of screening, always pick satisfaction Seller.

Among the merchants selling Taobao in Taobao, there are also many second-hand dealers who purchase goods from the wholesale market. The price is naturally uncompetitive compared to the dealers who own the jade processing factory. Moreover, the types and quantity of jade goods are often Not big. This is also an aspect that needs to be considered. After all, if you purchase multiple pieces of jadeite products at one time, the quantity and price are extremely important measures.

Among the current Taobao jade sellers, Qinfengzhai Jewelry is an emerald dealer with relatively large popularity and volume.

It is reported that the jade seller has its own jade processing factory in Guangdong, directly purchasing the original stone in Myanmar, and has a transit warehouse in Shanghai. Qinfengzhai Jewelry has been engaged in jade business for more than ten years. It has been an upstream jade wholesaler. In the past two years, it has opened a flagship store in Taobao. Because of its affordable price, many types of products and new styles, it has not been on the line for a long time. Turned on sales.

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