Although the macroeconomic downturn has spread to all walks of life, it has failed to shake up the appreciation of Kistler. In the past few days, the reporter has learned that because of the scarcity of Kistler resources, in the current economic situation, the Kistler Collection has never heard of a devaluation, especially since the fine stones are still rising staggeringly. Among them, a yellow wax stone not only transformed into "jade" in six years, but also the price was tens of thousands of times.

Six years, the price of stone jade rose ten thousand times

According to information provided to reporters by the Shenzhen Collection Association, Kistler, also known as Yashi, and ornamental stones, is an ornamental collection that is different from the stone nature of Baoyu stone and seal stone.

Speaking of the appreciation of Kistler, Huang Teng, deputy chairman of the Shenzhen Landscape Association's Bonsai Stone Appreciation Culture Branch, said that it can be summed up in two words: "magnificent" and "obscure." Huang Teng told his reporter a story based on his own experience: “In 1993, I bought a carved piece of Qingtian Stone, which was carved with nine turtles of different sizes. The stones were divided into three colors. The turtle stepped on the water in grey and the surface of the water floated a few pieces of fallen leaves in yellow. The work was carved by Zhang Haizheng, who had the reputation of 'Turtle King'. At the time, I spent only 15,000 yuan, but now it should be more than 3 million yuan."

The 200-odd increase has been astonishing, but this is not new in the Kistler community. For example, not long ago, a Gobi stone shaped like a “chicken out of the shell” was evaluated by experts for 130 million yuan. It is said that collectors spent only a few tens of dollars when they took it from the farmers more than ten years ago; The Gobi stone resembles the old lady's face. Experts assessed 96 million yuan. When the exhibition was held in Kunming in 2000, the asking price was only over 10,000 yuan.

This is not the most amazing stone, or the largest odd stone is Huang Longyu. Han Changwei, executive vice president and secretary-general of the Shenzhen Collection Association, told reporters that Huang Longyu was not called "Jade" six years ago. They are collectively called yellow wax stone. At the beginning of the 21st century, a tractor of yellow marble sold for only 300 yuan. Until the concept of "Jade" was proposed in 2006, the "seed material" with a good texture became Huang Longyu; from 2008 to 2011, the value of the product soared. “At the Pan Asia Kistler Expo in Kunming in 2011, I saw a piece of yellow wax that was the size of a large sixteenth paper with a thickness of less than 5 cm. The material was not very good and the shape was not very neat. Although it was priced at 1.2 million yuan, However, the buyer is not surprised. In only six years, the price of the yellow wax stone turned into jade has turned up thousands of times.” When Han Chang-hsi told reporters about this experience, he still found it incredible.

Scarcity of “burning” hot Kistler market Kistler prices soaring why so amazing? The two collectors invariably stated that the main reason is also the “scarcity” of Kistler resources.

Huang Teng told reporters that "insanity" was not inexplicable. The reason why his "nine turtles" appreciated so quickly was that, besides carving and calligraphy, this type of stone is currently "already gone." Nature's works may seem like many, but in fact there are few, and the real quality resources have already dried up. He said that there are more than 100 kinds of Shoushan Stone, but the real good Shoushan Stone has long been hard to find, and the only remaining resource is nearing exhaustion. Coupled with the continuous expansion of the collection team, there is a serious shortage of supply.

Huang Teng also said that regardless of the type of stone, “those who can easily find it are often the best stones.” But people who are easily available don’t know how to cherish it. After they get the stone, they treat it lightly. Damaged many boutiques. "The depletion of resources and people's ignorance have made the remaining finest few, and now all the good things are in the possession of the collectors. The market can't see it."

Han Changxuan said that at present, the rivers that can catch rocks in the country have long been picked up and there is no better thing. In order to find a better stone, Han Changyi went to Wujiang and collected a total of seventy to eightty stones. He introduced that there are many kinds of stone in the Wujiang River, but none of them are ornamental. What we call “Wujiang Stone” is only a kind of stone that can be viewed, and the proportion is very small. In the early days, good rocks could be found on the rocky beaches on the banks of the Wujiang River; in the medium term, digging deep trenches should be done on the rocky beach, and then excavated after digging horizontally; in the later period, they must be salvaged in the river's torrent, and salvage cannot be recovered now. Now.

Aesthetic changes into stone prices push hands

In addition, two collectors believe that the reasons for the appreciation of Kistler are related to the economic environment, changes in people’s aesthetic concepts, and the continuous emergence of new types of stone.

There is a saying: "Mountains are not without stones, waters without stones are unclear, gardens are without stones, and rooms are indestructible." With the development of economy, people live well, more spare cash is available, and stones are placed at home. Become a symbol of identity and taste.

In the past few years, there were a lot of newly discovered stone species, and stone exhibitions were being held everywhere. With so many people buying, fast selling of stones, and large market pull, an active market atmosphere is created, which will inevitably double the price of Kistler.

The continuous emergence of new stone species has brought a collector's thoughts**.

These new stone types have obvious aesthetic differences with the traditional "thin, leaky, wrinkled, and transparent". Take Hiroo Rock as an example. It is not "thin, leaky, wrinkled, and transparent" at all. It is full and round, with a very hard texture and excellent skin color. However, such a stone is used for viewing, and naturally it can feel a lot of charm.

Huang Teng emphasizes that for the collectors of strange stones, the change of ideas in collections is particularly important. “Like we used to play Shoushan Stone, Qingtian Stone and other traditional stones, no one took care of Bahraini Stone. In 1995, Luohu Trade City had just opened its doors. There are many Bahraini stones sold there. They are all very large chicken blood. The largest was even more than 800 kilograms. At the time, it only sold a few hundred dollars and no one bought it. But now these are all worth millions or even millions." Huang Teng said that in fact, jade does not have a strict definition. " "Jade" is "beautiful stone" and beauty is jade. One thing, as long as people see love, is a treasure.

There is another change in the concept of thinking here. It is the name of the “Kistler” that has existed for thousands of years. Now it has slowly evolved into the “viewing stone”. Huang Teng believes that not only nature's stones can be called "Kistlers", but also artificially sculpted and polished stones can all be classified as "Ornamental Stones". In other words, Balin Stone, Bloodstone, Agate, Coral, Living Stone, Beeswax and Amber are also known as “Ornamental Stones” and can be used for collection. He believes that in the field of ornamental stones, the real development has only been for 15 years. In these 15 years, people's understanding of ornamental stones has changed dramatically compared with the concept of stone appreciation in China for thousands of years.

Kistler boutique prices are still strong

Recently, due to the European debt crisis, the domestic and international economy has continued to slump. The stocks have fallen for a long time, and the stock market volume has shrunk dramatically. The commodity prices have fluctuated at a high level and all walks of life are lamenting.

Does the trend of macroeconomic downturn also have an impact on the value of Kistler's collection? Han Chang-e thinks this definitely has an effect. However, he also stated that the bad economic environment only affected the speed of Kistler's appreciation and the speed of his transfer. That is, his active level did not really affect the price of Kistler. “In addition to Huang Longyu’s excessive growth over the past two years, I have never seen a price drop for a fine product. In recent years, the price of stone has continued to rise, but the rate of appreciation has slowed down. The market value mainly depends on its material."

Huang Teng also believes that the economic environment has not had an impact on quality products, and quality products are still appreciating. In the case of a bad economic environment, quality is still hard to find. "Or because of the exhaustion of resources, in terms of jargon, there is less and less water out of the water, and even no water."

"Therefore, collection of rocks must be a collection of fine products, not afraid of expensive, afraid of bad."

And Huang Teng also believes that this is just an excellent opportunity for the Kistler collection. He said that in the past few years, some stone species have grown too crazy. Especially in 2001, it was the craziest year for all collections in the Chinese collection. Many things that do not have a collection value at all or are not so high in value have a crazy deal price. The extremes of things must be reversed. There will be problems after a certain degree of madness. Therefore, after the current cool stone collection market has cooled down, some of the stones that have grown too far have returned to a reasonable price. This has also allowed collectors to adjust their mindset and concept of collection so that the industry can develop steadily over a long period of time.

expert's point

Everyone can play Kistler

Say that the collection needs a certain threshold, the threshold is not low. But when it comes to playing Kistler, the two collectors have said in unison that everyone can play Kistler. Which can be from zero risk and no threshold. Huang Teng told reporters that Kistler is the lowest collection in all collections, but at the same time it is the collection with the highest economic return and the lowest risk. He gave an example to reporters. Why in modern auctions, the auction price of modern paintings is often higher than the auction price of ancient paintings. The reason is that modern paintings are divided into false truths. For an ancient painting, even if you look for the country's top experts to see, at least one or two people in ten people hold opposing opinions, which is extremely risky.

What is the risk of the stone? Almost equal to zero risk. Han Chang-hwan said that the stones he received had almost never been devalued.

Followed by the threshold. With other collections, it will cost tens of thousands, or even millions or tens of millions. "Stones can be played without spending money." Huang Teng said, "If you want to play with rocks, you can go to the mountains and water. In the middle of the field, there is a seed of Hetian, and in the wetlands there is a seedless material, and the stones on the skin of the mountain are also the best, and they are the second only to the water. The grass in the grass is also a good thing. I said that the best thing is at your fingertips. It doesn't require any capital at all and the process is enjoyable. Now there are such a group of people, many of whom are big bosses, they go everywhere and go everywhere. I think that collecting is to enjoy this enjoyable process." Huang Teng also told reporters that some people had used a big rock by the river, and later this stone sold 20 million. "This kind of story went to the Tibetan stone world. Therefore, the stone is the art of discovery."

However, if you really want to do a good stone collection, you still need to take a snack. First of all, it requires the collection of rocks to have a certain aesthetic culture and taste. Huang Teng said that playing stones should also take a look at "quality, color and texture". Loose and soft stones must not be required. Stone hardness is not enough, and stones are not complete. Then on this basis, look at how the texture is, how the colors are, look at the product, and see what is the knowledge of beginners.

Second, the collection of rocks must be done with force. Huang Teng told reporters that the collection of rocks is most likely to be "enthusiasm," whether it is for the number of collections or their own requirements, are endless. Therefore, collection must be rational. He believes that people will experience an impulse to reasoning process, and this process is actually the process of knowledge accumulation. Han Changyi also told reporters that there is a story in Guizhou that there is a secondary school professor, a "stupid man," and uses all his income to buy a stone, causing his wife to disperse, and his own life is very embarrassing. “But after I had seen his collection, only one stone was considered medium, and there was not a single piece of fine art.” Han Chang said with emotion. “Originally, collections were used to enjoy life, but if the collections made themselves into a situation, they would change. It's painful but not enjoyment. Of course, there are also his aesthetic issues here." Han Chang-hsi said that to improve his own aesthetic level, he must visit professional stone exhibitions instead of stone exhibitions at trade fairs.

Although Kistler is difficult to copy, there are still some fake stones in the market. "There are many kinds of fake stones." Han Changyi told reporters that one of the falsifications was polished. Such as large fossils, the surface of the water on the one hand due to the erosion, on the other hand, due to the water in the minerals and stones to produce a chemical reaction, forming a glazed like a painted pottery. This colored glaze has more full and natural contact with water. However, some large fossils may have contact with the water in the early stages, but they are rushing towards the bottom of the river, and some of the dirt will be deposited on the glaze. If these dirt deposits are too severe, they will damage the glaze, and you will have to use pickling. Some of them will be polished before they can be removed. These polished fossils are defective products.

The other is to do modeling. Such as stone gallstones, almost the same inside and outside, there are some problems or less natural stones will be sandblasted, some falsified, to make a good look. In addition, there are stones that can be burned with acid or patterned with a laser.

However, Han Chang-hwan said that these frauds can be seen at a glance as long as there is a little bit of strange stone knowledge, or if someone preaches and teaches.

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