On July 14, 2012, international superstar Li Bingbing appeared in Chengdu to visit Gemei for its 2012 winter new product ordering event. While witnessing Gemei's bright new winter product in 2012, it also started with Gemei's chairman Li Jiange Gemei its public welfare activities, donated uniforms and books to Hegulu Township Primary School, Meigu County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, to make contributions to the education of young people. As an internationally renowned movie star, LOVE founder of public interest brands, Li Bingbing outside the public charity queen, has been soft spot for public welfare and fitness for every charity project. Before joining Gemei's new product launch, Li Bingbing just ended the Olympic torch relay in Britain. Li Bingbing, the only Chinese actress invited to be the Olympic Torchbearer in London, delivered a positive Olympic image in the torch relay of Cambridge on July 6 and was praised both at home and abroad. After the completion of the Olympic torch relay, Li Bingbing will return to Chengdu to participate in the public welfare activities of this Sichuan student union. At the meeting, Li Bingbing and Li Gege, Chairman of Zhejiang Gemei Shoes Co., Ltd., attended the conference and donated uniforms and books to Hepuguo Township Primary School in Meigu County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province for their care. It is understood that Meigu County, Sichuan Province is located in Liangliangshan Belt, located in the northeastern Liangshan Prefecture, mountains and lakes, traffic inconvenience, economic backwardness. When Li Bingbing heard the children's education conditions is very difficult, ambitious charity Ambassador to the Shanghai World Expo and "UNICEF" spokesperson of her heart very sad, hoping to help Hepuguo Township Primary School children as soon as possible. Li Bingbing said: "Public welfare is a responsibility and an insistence." A good actor should not only have a performing height, but should also have a life height, and regard public welfare as the most important cause in his life. A good company can get better development by repaying the society through commonweal activities and gaining the approval of the general public.It is very willing to cooperate with such a caring enterprise like Goomei. "As the initiator of this activity, Li Jiange, chairman of the United States, also said: "In addition to creating wealth, enterprises must fulfill their social responsibilities and understand how to be grateful and reward society." Gemei is willing to be the benchmark of public welfare for Chinese women's shoes and boost the development of public welfare undertakings with Miss Li Bingbing . Background Zhejiang Ge Mei Shoes Co., Ltd. was established in August 1995, is a collection of research and development, production, sales and service in one of the modern shoe. Enterprises in the business process has always been adhering to the "quality of legislation, the brand of Societe Generale" business philosophy to promote sustained and rapid development of enterprises. It is reported Ge Ge its footwear industry in the rapid development at the same time, enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, has won the "enthusiastic public welfare advanced unit", "Wenchuan Earthquake relief contributions outstanding contribution unit" and other honors. In 2007, Li Bingbing was invited as Gemei female shoes image spokesperson.

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