Recently, OZZO Women's Women held a grand star meeting.

Pictured from left: Special guest Xiaoqian, Assistant Publisher of "Youjia Pictorial" Lu Mengfan FANNY, Founder of OZZO brand Ji Wenyi, Famous movie star Bai Bing, Famous show host Xunzi, Deputy General Manager of Modern Communication Group South China Knowing.

On the evening of November 8th, the city looked forward to the night of the wide variety of people, OZZO light luxury lifestyle reward night, brand founder and star meet. This is a fashion party jointly organized by the OZZO brand and the "Yucai Pictorial." The author of the OZZO brand, Ji Wenxuan, the famous movie star Bai Bing, the famous show host Yanzi, and the assistant publisher FANNY of “Yucai Pictorial” intimately talked with the guests to share the luxury fashion and happy life.

The famous actress Miss Bai Bai and her newly married husband Ding Yi attended the meeting and caused a sensation. Their elegant dress and happy smile are even more infectious.

The host of the famous show host attends the host, wearing the latest OZZO dress

Miss FANNY, publishing assistant of "Yucai", shares fashion

OZZO brand founder and creative director Ji Wenyi explains OZZO's autumn and winter theme design inspiration

Bai Bing and the elegant and elegant dress of OZZO's founder Ji Wenqi caused the attention of fashionistas and media professionals.

Bai Bing chooses OZZO light luxury clothes for special guest Xiao Qian

High-level group leaders also arrived to express blessings and took photos together

Guangbai Group senior leaders attended and presented awards for Bai Hai

Activity scene, super warm FANS

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