On May 18th, 2012, in Longdafei Industrial Park, Changshu, Jiangsu, Longdafei's “Intercity Tour” 2012 Winter Men's Wear Release and Ordering Meeting was held. Elegant, natural, and comfortable business men's clothing autumn and winter series of new models through the wonderful interpretation of the scene will bring more than 500 viewers into the dragon's charm journey. This is a brand new appearance after Longdafei's brand upgrade and market refinement in the past two years, which fully expounds the cultural heritage of the brand's simplicity, wisdom and fashion.

Long Dafei autumn and winter new products boldly adopt the latest popular elements for innovative design. In the application of clothing colors, designers cleverly stitched large areas of black, white, and gray, and used elegant purple, bright yellow, and blue-coloured embellishments to match the overall colors, creating a comfortable environment for business travelers in autumn and winter. The leisure space; In the selection of apparel fabrics, the designer selects Raglan, Lycra, T/C, and Wool, which enriches and enhances the style and overall texture of the garment. Longdafei City Hotel Menswear is suitable for everyday business occasions, but also for travel; brings to business men a simple and elegant clothing experience, but also gives modern men a unique restrained temperament.

Long Dafei set foot in the south of the Yangtze River and set his sights on the world. At the beginning of the brand establishment, it is to refine the graceful life atmosphere and unique cultural connotations gathered in Jiangnan, and to describe the east-west pop flavor from the perspective of Chinese culture and art in a simple, casual and modern way. It integrates different fashion languages. Shows the unique charm of Long Dafei's Eastern charm.
Jiangsu Longdafei Garments Co., Ltd. has undergone more than 20 years of spring and autumn, and has completed the integration process from internal management to external image. In order to produce more sophisticated and high-quality clothing, Longdafei has invested more than 20 million yuan to fully introduce advanced CAD design, cloth spreading machines, cutting machines, bag opening machines and multi-functional sewing machines from Japan, Korea, Italy and Taiwan. Production equipment; In order to fully implement the quality management system, Longdafei passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental system certification, and fully implemented 6S management to build literate, technical, and cultural sales, production, and technology management. team. The company upholds the scientific development concept of credit, professionalism, innovation and transcendence. With honesty management, people-oriented, quality first and long-term development as the guideline, we have been earnestly praised and trusted by customers and employees.
At present, Longdafei has six companies including casual wear, down jackets, suits, shirts, sweaters, and trousers. The main products are men's and women's business casual wear and down jackets. They are available in all provinces and cities (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). There are specialty stores or shopping mall counters, forming a mature production and sales network system. The company has won the honors of Jiangsu Province Famous Brand, China Yushang Cup Gold Award, China Well-known Trademark, and National Inspection-free Products.
At the press conference, Chairman Longda Feilu said: “In the future, Longdafei will gradually expand its strategic market layout and develop Longdafei as a leading domestic business and leisure culture with a more rapid and professional development model. Brand."

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