"OFFSIDE offside" Teenager installed in today's fashion market is a favorite of young Chinese children's wear brand, the company's strength has created today's "OFFSIDE offside" juvenile fashion, personality and elegance. "OFFSIDE Offside" Teenager Wear attaches great importance to product development of young decisive crucial link, only to make their own children's clothing style in line with the trend of the times, and domestic and international fashion trends even if it is possible for "OFFSIDE offside" Teenager installed in the market selling. To this end, in addition to the company set up the first domestic youth equipment professional R & D team, but also in Seoul, South Korea and Paris in France with international fashion design studio, through the keen international fashion trend and dedication for the young people tailored Custom-made fashion, personality, elegant children's wear products, so that children and young people become fashionable and stylish personality pioneer. "OFFSIDE offside" Teenager has been insisting on the global chain for many years, the whole network marketing business strategy, after more than eight years of development, and now the cooperation has customers in most of China's provinces and cities and has developed overseas countries in the Middle East agents, The total number of stores has more than 500. "OFFSIDE Offside" Teenagerwear not only satisfied with leading the Greater China market, after years of hard work, occupy the broader international market business goals have become a reality. With a strong brand strength "OFFSIDE offside" Boys vow to fashion, personality, elegant in the end, and strive to grow the world's first brand of children's wear.

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