In this China International Fashion Fair children's wear Museum has a brand exhibition area is crowded, attracting attention; and the brand's children's clothing show has not yet started the opening has attracted the attention of many media and many colleagues envy, the brand is - Pencil Club. Pencil Club Kids Original Opera Children's Wear Show Select Opera From the positioning of the pencil club children's clothing, the trend of children's wear conference is to make high art and fashion forefront of each other, so that the audience to enjoy the classic blend of opera and children's show . The entire conference broke the traditional clothing show model, the first in the children's clothing industry live live performance with the interpretation of the opera, the theme is derived from the classic opera << Puppet House >> and adapted, the small models in the passionate song, The performer of the opera singer magically instructs the "puppet" actor he invented to lead the audience into a magical dream, in which children's fun performances collide with the classic opera and burst into unparalleled visual feast. Pencil Club Kids Original Opera Kids Show Pencil Club's children's clothing design style or continuation of the healthy fashion, elegant, sophisticated concept of leisure. Fully absorb the popular elements in Europe and Asia, and on this basis, closely meet the international fashion trends, in line with modern needs of the pursuit of innovation. The conference, the audience clearly felt that the princess dress is a pencil club's classic models, but also the designer deduced a variety of customs: banquet classic, pastoral fresh, romantic seaside, etc., from this point on Can see the difference between the pencil club, the designer subtle observation of children's lifestyles and emotions, and implanted into the product design. A small children's clothing, under the premise of ensuring comfort and safety, the sophistication of the production process and detail is no less than the adult advanced customization, which is the same as the original design of the pencil club: in the nuances.

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