"Ru Yi" down jacket to persevere in innovation, never satisfied with the concept of development, and constantly through the design and technological innovation, and consolidate the core competitiveness of the company since its establishment, the brand and consistent design concept, the selection of high-quality fabrics coupled with the fine fit Cutting, with reference to the latest global trend, that is, to retain the elegant, fashionable and refined style of Europe and South Korea, but also integrates the characteristics of the subtle and delicate East.

如奕羽绒服 完美廓形尽情展现小蛮腰

When dark-colored clothing sweeps the autumn and winter seasons, bright colors have become the key to winning the streets. The perfect waist contour allows you to bloom in the winter, enjoy warm and stylish dressing experience.

如奕羽绒服 完美廓形尽情展现小蛮腰

Is still the shape of a corset, allows you to perfectly show the graceful body curves, graceful fur collar to create a sense of existence, but also to give you a lot of warmth Oh.

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