Super bacteria have a global spread

Super bacteria have a global spread

Super bacteria "NDM-1 has a global spread trend, and infections have also occurred in three US states and Canada. The medical profession said that bacteria are spreading, but the speed of the unknown is spreading. It is called on countries to set up monitoring systems to detect admissions. Track the spread of germs and call on the public to pay attention to personal hygiene and not to abuse antibiotics.
According to reports, the United States found three infected cases in three states. It is reported that all three patients have been to India, two of them have received medical services in the local area, and the remaining one is sick and dependent on the catheter. Three patients are currently not at risk, but they are not aware of what treatment they have received.
There have also been two cases of "superbugs" in Canada, and doctors have used mixed antibiotics.
At present, more than 70 people in the UK are infected with this NDM-1 "superbug", and India and Pakistan have more than 170 infections.
Scientists say that "superbug" is actually a drug-resistant gene, known as "New Delhi Metalloproteinase-1" (NDM-1). The NDM-1 gene is highly resistant and can decompose most antibiotics. Because the gene may also sneak into other kinds of germs and spread to each other, it is called "superbug". "Superbug" was first discovered and confirmed by Timothy, a scholar at Cardiff University in the UK last year. He found the gene in E. coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae in a Swedish patient who was hospitalized in India.
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When treating several patients in the United States a few days ago, doctors found that the general antibiotics could not kill the bacteria in their bodies, even those "the powerful antibiotics that doctors had to offer at the last moment", also for these people. The germs are at a loss. In the end, doctors discovered that the bacteria in their bodies were infected by "superbugs" and they became so powerful.
Scientists say that the resistance of germs has been increasing, and human research on the discovery of stronger antibiotics has not made a breakthrough. "Superbugs" is only a matter of time. For the intensified "superbug" crisis, the medical profession has not yet developed a fundamental treatment method. It can only remind the public to wash their hands and work hard, and also remind doctors and patients to use antibiotics correctly, according to the needs of the disease. Do not abuse antibiotics with appropriate doses and types of antibiotics.
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