“Diamond Decoration Tanabata, happiness code” and “Canadian madness, for the price of love”, this is the slogan of traditional Chinese jewelry brand Chow Tai Fook and e-commerce jewelry brand Zocay shouted the Tanabata Festival. When the jewellery counters of major shopping malls were ready for "Chinese Valentine's Day," the offline promotion of the online jewelry brand had quietly reached the underground channel wall advertisements leading to the mall. This jewellery brand "online" and "offline" are the epitome of the "two-line development" of jewelry market in recent years.

In early years, the well-established online jewelry brands gradually built increasingly larger online experience stores, while traditional jewellery companies gradually began to try e-commerce. Recently, the traditional jeweler Kim Tae-fu has invested 20 million U.S. dollars in the jewelry e-commerce website Dai Oi. Dai Yun, the CEO of Dai Eni, believes that this cooperation has integrated the resources and jewellery e-commerce model and speed of traditional jewelry companies, and can achieve complementary advantages. This “first case of traditional jewellery marriage with e-commerce” also shows that under the general trend of e-commerce, the pattern of the jewelry market is gradually changing.

From the offline to the online, traditional jewelry breaks the market

2 hours of online sales of 3,000 diamonds! This legend is the data that many traditional jewelers never imagined. In recent years, a series of large-scale online shopping operations by jewellery e-commerce has caused the traditional jewelers to reverse their thinking and put online sales on the agenda. Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Chao Hongji, and Luk Fook Jewellery have all launched online flagship stores on Taobao Tmall.

Unlike jewellery e-commerce, which has different pricing strategies for online and offline pricing, from the offline to the online level, traditional jewellery companies have lowered their prices. For example, Chow Tai Fook's Lucky Star baby series is marked with promotional prices at the official sales price of its Tmall shop. The original price of 838 yuan for Fuxing baby is actually priced at 796.1 yuan, which is the price after a discount of 95 percent. In addition, the "Network Special Funding" is also a popular marketing tool for gathering popularity online. For traditional jewelers with rich corporate deposits, physical stores are always their main battlefield, and the Internet is the front desk for offline transactions. Developing online businesses has a certain brand risk for them. According to Liu Zongyuan, the traditional jeweler's online business and the jewellery e-commerce brand can not be regarded as rivals: "The jewellery market is very broad, and it can be considered as an emerging market with large growth potential in China. Traditional jewellery and e-commerce jewelry development The fields are different, and the network is an important channel for us. For them, it may only be that when everyone is doing online business, they do not want to lose this market.”

Daeoni, who received the investment from Kim Tae-fu, has a different view. CEO Yang Yun believes that the competitive advantage of the jewelry industry is nothing less than low prices and consumer preferences, e-commerce has a price advantage, the traditional business has a consumer preference advantage, but both need to achieve the difference between peers, otherwise in the competition It will gradually be abandoned at the end of the industry. Therefore, Daorini and Kim Tae-fu have achieved cooperation and hope that this “not to go the unusual way” can make their differences in the industry more obvious.

For consumers, the most important issue is how much money they spend on buying jewellery, what services they enjoy, and whether they are reassured. The O2O model of the jewelry market allows consumers to increase their choice and increase their level of peace of mind. Even Song Lili’s online shopping expert said: “With physical stores there is more confidence that they will be seen online and then go to physical stores for comparison and then make purchases. If online prices are really favorable, they will still choose to order online.”

Online to offline, jewelry e-commerce ten years grinding a sword

Chinese consumers have widely accepted the e-commerce model of shopping, Taobao contributed. Consumers pay online and make various purchases on the Internet. However, buying precious items such as diamonds on the Internet is a matter for many people who need to “think twice before going”.

The 29-year-old Song Lili drives a driving school network. Her interest in e-commerce and her trust in the Internet is higher than that of the average consumer: "Actually, most of what I want to do online can be completed." Back in 2008, it was Song Lili, who is preparing to engage, tried online diamonds out of curiosity. “At that time, the diamond ring with the same quality on the Internet was much cheaper, and the picture was very attractive.” After comparison, Song Lili boldly chose a Taobao shop with high reputation and large trading volume, and bought more than 5,000 diamond rings. "To tell the truth, I was not very satisfied when I first received it. There was a difference between the physical object and my imagination. But I ran for half the price cheaper than the shopping mall. Then I bought it twice." Afterwards, Song Lili concluded that this approach is more reliable and gradually began to introduce her online shopping experience to her friends.

The earliest domestic jewelers who sell diamonds online started to open online stores around 2002. The main customer group that is targeted is a young consumer group whose consumption concept is new but whose spending power is not particularly strong. Zocaj is one of the earliest online stores, from Taobao shop to owning your own domain name, to the opening line ** inspection shop, and last year opened a four-story diamond building near Hangzhou Nansong imperial street, Zocai walking Is the "typical route" of jewelry e-commerce. From online to offline (ie, the O2O model in Internet terminology), Zongkai’s current National Director of Operations Liu Zongyuan has almost completely witnessed this route. In an interview, he said that when he first sold diamonds to several computers, he did not expect to come to this day: “Development of offline stores is a comprehensive consideration after having online strength. It is necessary to change the consumer’s Shopping habits are not simple things. Although there are many people surfing the Internet, there are different habits of surfing the Internet, buying online habits, and even the habit of buying valuables online.” Going to a physical store, jewelry e-commerce is mainly from eliminating the minds of consumers. Concerns and provide better after sales service. However, after the offline store opened, the situation presented was different from the initial expectations of the e-commerce company. Liu Zongyuan indicated that the passenger flow in the Zocai Hangzhou store was not expected to be much, and the line down to buy diamonds was not the first in the network. It was learned that Zoccai reappeared, relying more on the promotion of the Zocasi line. The two lines of sales are not the same: the customer age in Zoacay is about 25 to 35 years old, and the line is from 20 to 60 years old, and the offline customer price is often higher than online.

Liu Zongyuan believes that in view of the conservative spending habits of the Chinese, jewelry e-commerce in the future will mostly maintain the online and offline development model to share more in the jewelry market. In fact, jewellery e-commerce companies such as Diamond Bird and Woodlands Diamond are now stepping up the number of cloth shops and the scope of their experience. At the same time, major jewellery e-commerce companies have also diverted attention away from diamonds. Emerald, gold, tourmaline and other types of jewelry can now account for about 25% of e-commerce stores.

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