By the end of August 2014, the fashion blockbusters starred by fans of tunetune were officially released. The tune tune "Find a fashion actress" ended in the first quarter. Meanwhile, the second quarter has officially started.

Tun tune "Looking for fashion lead actress" The first quarter of activities Since its inception, it has been more than two months, these two months have gone through the pre-selection, voting, to the late to meet the "actress" arrival, invitation They went to the studio tune tune tune home, the whole process long and memorable. This event, so that fans really went into fashion in the world.

Movie theme, true reproduction filming scene

Each girl has a movie dream, in this dream embodiment of the dream actress, interpretation of people do not want to wake up the fairy tale life. This time, tune tune fashion filming, filming props and classic movie posters true reproduction filming scene, and arranged for the two actresses professional fashion stylist and top photography team, make dreams for them, but also for them to dream Let them meet with another possibility of unlimited possibilities.


(Tune tune real reproduction movie shooting scene)

Review classic heroine style

tune tune The two actresses, respectively, into a "Gone with the Wind" Scarlett and "Tiffany's Breakfast" Holly. Scarlett Scarlett, with a clean, lively, playful look to reflect the image of the heroine, though not

There are too many color elements, but also reflects the heroine confident and courageous personality, this makeup coupled with tune tune2014 winter Plaid skirt, under the lens, will be full of youthful release. Huanghuang Wang Huan, with red lips, black eyebrow-type as the main makeup, with the elegant dish hair, showing the elegant temperament of the actress, tune tune2014 winter simple knit woolen dress to join the elegant of the fifties of last century Fashion instantly reproduce.

tune tune“时尚大片女主角”活动系列报道之三 女粉丝走进时尚大片的世界

(Tune tune "looking for fashion actress" first quarter of the actress blue big, Wang Huan)

On-site extra articles: actress partner - the dots behind the story

In the heroine blue big side, there will always be a cute dog, it is a short hair Alaska currently no owner, lived a habitat. In order to find a small dot to take care of his new owner for a lifetime, tune tune not only for the dot to participate in this fashion blockbuster film, but also for its production of a public video "tracing", and hope to take this call everyone Care for life together, be responsible pet owners.

tune tune“时尚大片女主角”活动系列报道之三 女粉丝走进时尚大片的世界

(Cute and cute little dot, very lovable)

Participate in the second phase of the event, met the big "another me"

In late August 2014, tune tune "looking for fashion actress" has officially started the second season, participate in drying alone, there is a chance to become tune tune fashion actress. An upgraded version of tune Tune's "Find The T-Girl", the aim is to give tune tune fans the chance to enjoy the happiest fan benefits around the world. If you also have a dream, participate in activities, met your big name another me!

tune tune“时尚大片女主角”活动系列报道之三 女粉丝走进时尚大片的世界

(Tune tune "looking for fashion actress" second season poster)

About tune tune

tune tune is more than just fashion. Everything about tune tune is personal and inner, full of love and full of confidence. Has a strong self-style and full of pampered spirit of dedication, trying to pass on to the women's confident and positive attitude in life through a unique fashion language, and encouraging women to surpass themselves and release their potential to become "another me" with infinite possibilities another me).

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