TOUCH as a famous ladies fashion brand, affordable, for quite middle-aged consumer spending groups.
TOUCH's unique product quality, fashionable and have a first-class professional installed production lines.

塔吉 - TOUCH

Franchisees: So far, TOUCH stores have more than 100, all over the world.
Mode of operation: TOUCH franchise concept, adhere to the "honest-based, customer first" purpose, from the product, operation, training and other aspects of the full support franchisee.

Identification of fur
The main differences between artificial fur and natural fur are gloss and patterns.
Artificial fur has a strong sense of luster, and the hand feels no warmth.
How do you tell whether the fur is good or bad?
Look at these leather sides with clear pores and patterns. Sheepskin leather is light, soft and comfortable. The surface pattern is fine and clear. The identification method is the same as cowhide. Dermal leather and imitation leather can also be identified from the surface section, the leather section has a reticulated fiber layer and dermal layer. Imitation leather only has a base and foam layer. From the appearance, there are small patterns on the surface of the cattle leather and feel good. It
How do you tell the fur is good or bad?
First of all, the quality of the fur must be measured by the following ways, first of all, "see", the quality of fur tentacles soft, dense and lustrous fur, the same color. The next step is to "touch", that is, brush the fur up and back with your hands. If you find no baldness or breakage of the fur tip or dark fur, and feel the fur soft and rich, such fur is a good product. It
Mink is a small precious fur animal belonging to mammals, carnivores, and ferrets in animal taxonomy. In the wild, there are two species of American mink and European mink.

Raccoon Skin Coat

Raccoon Skin Coat,Brown Mink Coat,Women Raccoon Skin Coat,Medium Fur Coat

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