American girl model Ondria Hardin and Hanna Sorheim together perform Urban Outfitters 2013 summer women's "High Summer" Lookbook. Filmed in the suburbs of England, photographer Angelo Pennetta Zhang Jing. Pure and beautiful in the sunshine, meadow, daisies and cute puppy pets.

Urban Outfitters 2013夏季女装  纯真岁月的美好夏日!

Urban Outfitters 2013夏季女装  纯真岁月的美好夏日!

Using double-layer fabric, adjustable light, do not take up space. Not only the advantages of cloth and yarn are combined, but also the function of a hundred leaf curtain, a roll curtain, and a Roman curtain. European style, double-layer transparent curtain design -- the middle transparent curtain has a louver curtain open dimming function, adjust the angle of the curtain, can make different light permeability curtains overlap, with a soft texture. Locally adjustable light.

Roller Blind Curtain Shade Gauze Zebra

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