The second half of the holiday season, the apparel industry gradually from the off-season to the peak season, so many people will choose to open a new store in August and September, the major apparel brands also ushered in wave after wave of investment boom. Recently, Mousya Women is the good news again and again, in addition to continuous opening of new stores, but also the successful signing of the general agent in Liaoning Province, the official layout of the sales market in northeast China.


Shenzhen Mia Ya Clothing Co., Ltd is a collection of women's R & D, production, sales of monopoly sales as an integrated enterprise, Mousya brand has three major series of style clothing, respectively, fashion personality, fashion and luxury fashion, to fully meet the 18- 38-year-old fashion consumer spending needs.


Join Usya ladies, the company a unified image of free renovation, unified production shop-related props, 100% shelf support, opened 50% back to the second year and then back 50%, a strong franchise advantage to ensure the interests of franchisees, invites More people with lofty ideals to join together to create a "Chinese fashion brand".

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