A unique product based on the concept of aesthetic design, an introverted product based on color matching, a classic product combining the international fashion trends and the trend of domestic fashion, adhering to the love of fashion art and constant appreciation of the formal beauty of clothing, EMLYIMEIER Ai Yi Mei break the routine, to create a woman's self-confidence life.


艾逸美女装 带来女性的优雅浪漫活力

EMLYIMEIER Ai Yi US clothing designed for the 28-45-year-old independent, advocating freedom, the pursuit of fashion taste and quality of modern intellectual women design. They are willing to have a unique real personality, they are the corporate white-collar workers or those who love art and fashion industry, in career, she is superb; in life, her enthusiasm and honesty, she clings fashion without drift, refused As a popular slave, she always has her own unique views on beauty. EMLYIMEIER will bring them an elegant, romantic, energetic, fashionable and confident lifestyle.

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